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Navigating Conflict at Work (but I hate confrontation!)

Navigating conflict….if we didn’t learn it as young people…. It’s no surprise that many of us suck at resolving disagreements. If our parents didn’t fight fairly or fight at all, then we learned how to avoid things that make us uncomfortable. Stepping out on a gender and geography limb, I offer that southern women are taught […]

Conflict and Self-Awareness: The Role of Core Values

Causes of conflict and what’s the new normal Conflict comes in many forms. For the sake of our discussion, I divide the source into three categories: Competition for resources (like water or power) A core value challenge (like freedom) An insecurity trip wire At any given moment, most people are experiencing some kind of conflict. In a developed […]

Embracing Imperfection: Changing Self-Perception

Imperfection is a subjective matter. Your ‘imperfect’ may be what your spouse loves most about you. It can be another word for the things that make us unique and special. Embracing imperfection is best encouraged when we are young so we grow up with some latitude to be different and be proud, rather than self-conscious […]

Embracing Imperfection

In the process of launching my company, I routinely wrestled with things not being perfect. I thought, “Don’t I need a perfect web site, social media presence, elevator pitch, presentation, business plan, and so on? Who will hire, pay or endorse anything less than a coach who has her act completely together?” Well guess what? […]